Slaty-backed Gull, Venice Beach, Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County, California 4 February 2006

Slaty-backed Gulls
Half Moon Bay, CA
4 February 2006

Alvaro Jaramillo's discussion & still photos.

Luke Cole's discussion & still photos.


In January 2005, Al Jaramillo discovered a California coastal site where Slaty-backed Gulls have been somewhat reliably seen for at least the last two winters. Cindy and I visited Venice Beach in Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County several times, but had been unsuccessful until the 4th of February 2006. You may hear our frustration on the accompanying sound tracks! Also, listen to Al's commentary on the plumage characteristics.

At least three birds were found on this date. I managed to capture video of two in differing plumages. The first-year bird was also photographed by Luke Cole on the 7th of January. A video-still of the third-year bird is above.

Leslie Lieurance
San Francisco

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